Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I know these are Halloween pictures but the movie 9, by Tim Burton, is coming out on the 29th!!!! The kids are sooooo excited! Have a Merry Christmas!!! Off and running!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Quilter's Palette Homework

Here are the pictures of my fabric choices and my blocks so far for my class I'm doing on line with Annie Smith. This is a relly great idea! We get our assignment and she has video you watch to explain how to do the techniques and then you have about one week to watch them and finish your "homework" :) Annie is also doing a two hour live chat for this class once a week which enables you to ask questions and stuff. It is really fun!

Our daughter was supposed to have softball tonight but it has been cancelled due to rain. This is going to sound a little selfish but I'm kinda glad because it is my quilt group night and a lady is demonstrating how to make a shoulder bag :) If it turns out cute I'll post a pic.
Work is going well. I'm booked out three weeks already and it's not even really warm here yet. It's making it a little hard to get my class homework done as I'm so tired but I'm having fun anyway :)
We have a tiny cruise ship in our little town now :) I'm going to have to take a trip on it this summer. I think it is only a couple hours long and looks like you have to sit the whole time. Could be wrong on that.
I think the movie that was filmed here last summer is due to come out sometime this summer. It is called, Youth in Revolt. I think it is going to be rated R. It's not going to be easy telling my kids that they can't see it but they're NOT going to SEE it :)
Have to go load up the sewing machine and get ready for my meeting.
Oh! By the way, my teddy bear block took second place out of about 65 blocks and I won a $50.00 light that Velcro's on to my machine for extra needle light! Have a great quilting evening :) Off and running!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

On line Class with Annie Smith

Oh! I'm so excited! Annie Smith is offering a quilt class that will be ten weeks long on her Quilter's Palette pattern (shown below) on web T.V. You will get a different part each week and there will be help available if you need it and also a chat room once a week to talk to others doing the pattern. If your like me and have nothing to do, YEAH, RIGHT!!!!, then you should pop over to for more details :) There will be three ways of machine applique shown as well as many other techniques and talk of color value. I'm going to try really hard to keep up :)

I finished quilting my rug on Georgia today but have to do more cut outs on it before I can post pics. Also jamming on my dad's quilt. that's going to be a stretch for the deadline. Oh, well. Off and running :) Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Good night Teddy

This is a block I did for a Bop around the Bay. It is a little contest to have people make blocks from a challenge fabric. These blocks will them be turned into quilts for the children's cancer center. It was a lot of fun to make and my son was sad to see him leave. I did have aLQS owner suggest I do a pattern for him and teach a class on it, maybe as a pillow. Thought that's kinda neat. Might be fun, too :)
It has been so busy around here. It is spring and the grass is growing. Not a real bad thing unless you have an acre of land to mow and your riding lawnmower is broken :( So, sadly, I have been using the push mower. When we bought it my hubby didn't think was necessary to get the one that pulls itself, sooooooooo, yeah. I'm getting much needed exercise. It has been a long winter here.
I'm currently making a rug on my long arm but I ran out of variegated thread and am having a tough time matching it. One is on order I hope it will work. Good thing I'm making this one for keeps :) Also trying to get my Dad's quilt done by the end of the month for his birthday.
Hope you all have a wonderful quilting day :) Off and running,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kidnapped by HQ-16

I can't believe it has been soooo long since I have posted! Sorry :( I have been so busy With work and now Georgia, my long arm. I have done three commission quilts. The one below was my first one. Was supposed to be a simple overall stipple but I through in some swirls and center stars.

Have also done two baby quilts for a lady for her twin grand daughters. Unfortunately the cord to download the camera is MIA :( When I find It I can post more pics :)
Robotics is finally over. It was fun and they had a good time and learned lots of fun things for next year. Our daughter will be attending the Blue lake camp after all. She is excited :)
We are visiting my parents for Easter and have brought Gracie our dog and she is adapting and fitting in very well. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Excitement in my Life

Hey everyone,
I have been meaning to post but things keep coming up! Were to start... I guess valentines day. I received an email from Annie Smith asking me to be a pattern tester for her! How cool! i hope it pans out because it sounds like fun :) Also have been getting a lot of sewing time to myself. (Work is a little slower in the winter) I have been working on my Non Civil Stars quilt. I decided to use one of the fabrics in it to do the border but could only find the other two color ways online as this fabric collection has been out more the=an a year. Well, low and behold! I did find a site that had it the very next day! They had all three, in fact. And all on SALE!!!!!!!! So, yeah, I bought all three! LOL All they had left in two of them was 1 and 3/4 yards, so I cleaned them out!
Here is my flag I quilted on Georgia. It was my second project on my frame. I figured if I waited to bind it, you might never see it. LOL I did stars and swirls on it. A little tighter then I would have liked but I'm pleased with it considering it's one of my first :)

My daughter is in T.C. this a.m. with the robotics team from her school. They were in competition all day yesterday and for it being their second year as a school they did o.k. I'm going up for the seeding n=matches this a.m. incase they don't make the alliance cut for the finals. Anyway she is only 13 and in seventh grade. Robotics was supposed to be for 9th grade and up but she's in it. The principle is an the team, too. so if there was a problem he would make it right.
She also came home from school the other day telling me she talked to this guy about a summer art camp. Come to find out it is a camp for gifted kids!! Who sent her there!!!! Just kidding. She is very good at her drawing and eats , sleeps, and dreams about it :) Anyway, come to find out that it costs $1025.00 for two weeks!!!!!!! Yes, I almost died! So I call this camp yesterday and talk to someone about a possible scholarship and they tell me she already interviewed for one the other day and we would be getting a letter in the mail letting us know if she got one!!! That's peach and all but even if she get the high end scholarship we will still owe $700.00! And my mom says we just have to send her!!!!!!! This would be great for her as I found out that it is 5 and 1/2 hours of art instruction with actual teachers everyday. They wear uniforms and everything! They also get to choose a minor which they get an hour a day to work on as well. Along with swimming, sports, games, campfires, singing etc. So this client of mine brings her dogs in yesterday and I'm telling her all you just read and she says she has a friend who has just finished writing a book and about young teen girls and will check with her if she would be interested in having my daughter draw the pictures for her book!!!! OMG I'm not going to get my hopes up, we'll probably never hear from this lady but WOW!!! Could you imagine if my daughter were to be published at thirteen!!! Cool!
Well, I'm off and running to get ready for this LONG day in T.C. with a bunch of robots!!! :) Have a great day!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Auditioning Sashing

Man, have I been SEWING!!!! This must be what Kristie feels like when she sews :) She is such an inspiration to me :) These stars were a challenge but I persevered! Now to tackle the boarder. Sounds like I'm wrestling it or something, hence the name, Not so Civil Stars :) In the picture I did three sections each a little different. I'm pretty sure which one I'm picking but I thought I wuold share my progress so far :)

Snocross snow mobile race is in town this weekend and they are having a cruise in at the A&W. We are off and running to check it out and then running back home to SEW!!!!! Yippee!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Heart Runner :)

wel, here is a picture of what I received at my group exchange. I tis a beautiful table runner! It even has mother of pearl buttons that I know were very dear to the makers heart and I was honored to be on the receiving end it :)

Yeah! I picked up Georgia yesterday and she is now all set up in my studio and I have done some embarrassing quilting on her. TEE HEE :) It is amazing how forgiving she is. LOL

I'm working on these stars from *$%^*#%^*$%^*$%^* that I thought I could just whip off and they are a bear!!!!! So, I think I'll go, HAPPILY, work on them for a while! LOL Have a great day! Off and running....

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Original Design

Here are some pics of my exchange for my group tomorrow night. It could be anything you wanted to make as long as it had a heart theme. So I decided to make my own design. It will make a nice center piece for a table. I will love what ever I get. Even though it could be anything from a coaster to a wall-hanging. I doubt anyone will be making a lap quilt to swap. That would be awesome though!!!!

Gracie is working out great!!! I love her soooo much. It is amazing how she has just fit right into our lives. We took her for walks both yesterday and today. They really pooped her out :) She could stand to lose a pound or two. LOL She is sooooo smart! she did one of those grab my hand with her teeth and pull me toward a door thing. It was like, "What, Lassie? Timmy's down in the well?" She wanted me to come downstairs with her so she could eat!!!! well, that's all fine and dandy but the 11:00 p.m. eating thing is going to have to stop! Thanks goodness she just came down and ate. I may turn in early as it
s been along day. We had church at the 8:30 service for Boy Scout Sunday and then home to cook for the BGot Scout Blue and Gold Banquet! Yawn :) Off and running... to bed probably! Good night!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Amazing Week!

Well, I guess I should have asked for a new car! I have my handi quilter ( ready to pick up soon) and if you had told this morning I was getting a dog, I would have said a snowball would have a better chance on the equator :) So, of course, we now have a dog. Her name is Gracie and she is a Shih-Tzu and is six years old. She is a client of mine whose people can't keep her anymore because they have to move :( Bad for them great for us. This little dog is soooo cool :) They told me when they dropped her off that the dog had saved their lives by waking the mom when the house was on fire so they were able to get out safe. Also, as we were driving home from the vet appointment (she did get, by the way - I'm a proud mom :) I'm driving about 55 mph and decides to sit up pretty on her back legs and beg for a treat!!! She dances too :) I love her. I am going to try to let her coat grow out full so her face is a disaster, kinda like when you're growing out your bangs. She has a really nice coat. She should matt too bad with regular brushing :) I think I can handle it!

Have a great night !

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I got it! I got it! I'm so excited! I actually don't have it because she is getting upgraded! Her name is Georgia, by the way :) After my grandma. I had the stylist add so I can do groovy boards. Those are soooooo sweet! I will be able to add the prostitcher. But is REALLY expensive!!!! It was a used machine but after the upgrades it will be like a 2009 HQ-16. It saved me 3000.00 going that route and it will have a one year warranty on everything!!!! All this because I called for info on the baby lock Jewel!!!!

I am so completely wiped out from today! So much stress from the decisions and the haggling! Still have to get the homework done and clean more in the sewing room. With any luck Georgia will be ready next Tuesday. I CAN'T WAIT! :) Have a great night! Of and running.... hopefully to bed :)

Monday, February 02, 2009


Tomorrow is the day!!! I'm so nervous, excited, scared,etc. Now is definitely not the time to be spending this kind of money! So, will have to play it by ear and, one, see if they still have the HQ-16 and didn't sell it on Sat. at the sale. Two, have to see the condition of the machine. And three, see if their salesman is strong enough to pry the cash from my hand!!!! LOL I spent the whole Super Bowl organizing my Studio so I can fit this thing in there, sooooooooooo.... I HOPE I GET IT :) LOL I'll keep you posted. Off and running....

Saturday, January 31, 2009

HELP! HQ-16 Info Needed

Hey everyone, I'm looking to possibly get a Handi Quilter 16 Quilting machine. I'm wanting to know if it is possible to quilt a 12 inch block on the frame with a continuous design with out rolling up the fabric. Does this make sense? Also, any yeas or nays would be appreciated :)
This is my other Exploring Fabric Choices quilt, one of Annie Smiths designs. IfI can ever get up enough nerve to teach, I could let them hang this one as an example. My first one traveled too much and is too dear to my heart to let it be out of my sight :)

Get to go on a Super bowl sale at our LQS tomorrow! Soooo excited :) I did receive 60.00 in gift certificates to this shop from my clients for Christmas and I 'm makin' a list!
Just returned home from helping drive the confirmation kids up to T.C. to see a movie. We were going to see Inkheart but had to see Mall Cop instead. I really did not want to see this movie as I thought it looked pretty dumb but it was actually GREAT!! I would recommend it :) Happy Quilting :) Off and running!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting a Head of Myself

Well, haven't we all had those moments where we just do something that's, like, where was my BRAIN!!!!! Well, I'm making a heart theme quilt, my own design no less, and I tried the 505 spray baste. Well, let me tell you that it worked great!!! Had the quilt marked ready to quilt and everything :) Life is good, RIGHT! WRONG! Luckily before I started quilting it I realized the I had not done the button hole machine applique :( So glad I hadn't pinned basted it :) I just peeled it off and now it's ready to go... major time set back, though. Off and running - to bed :) Good night!

Monday, January 19, 2009

60th Post!!!!!

Can you believe it! My 60th post! pretty good for me, huh. Well I have to tell you about my trip I took yesterday. It was to Chicago to see the musical Wicked!!!!! It was AWSOME!!!! If you haven't seen it and get a chance too, GO :) So here we go! This was a field trip with the High School Drama Club. We had twenty-five kids, eight adults,on a school bus, in white out conditions, left at 6:30 a.m. Sunday and returned Sunday night, actually 1:15a.m. Monday morning with slim to know heat on the bus!!!!!! Frozen toes, baby!!!!!! Had a blast but not to eager to go any time soon!!! :)
This is a picture of an afghan I made my mom a long time ago. It was done really simply, in strips.
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Bummer, just noticed my Hasbro kitty cats eye is swollen :( I must call the vet. Off and running :) Have a great day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tee-Shirt Quilt Done

Hello to everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all your quilty dreams came true :) Also, Happy New Year!!! My resolutions are: to finish a WIP (or UFO) a month. I know there is a contest for this but there is like 120 people in it and that just boggles my mind! I hope they all do well :) My next resolution is to blog more but, sad to say, don't hold your breath. I have thought about putting this on here since before New Years and I haven't even been able to blog!!! Did try once though and blogger was being a poo, so that turned me of :( Of course we have to have the weight loss one too :( The only thing about the holidays - all the food temptaions!!!! My will power was just absolutly gone. Oh well, I know, quit whinning and do something about it!!!
Anyway, here is a couple of pictures of the Tee-Shirt quilt I did for a lady, she just loved it! It will be a while before I take on more commission work as I forced myself to do a list if UFOs and I have close to 30!!!!!!! So, I must confess, instead of blogging, I have been quilting. So, when I give the lady the quilt she says, "I have all my husband rock concert shirts too, if you want to do another one." YIKES!!!!! She did say it didn't have to be right away.

A little non quilty stuff. I celebrated with my parents at their house over New Years and They live in South East Michigan. NOw, mind you , I grew up there and lived there for 25 years! Well, while we where down there, my family and I went to the Edsel Ford Mansion in Grosse Point. I'm still in awe!!!!! If you are ever in the area I highly recommend this to you all!!! The history about them is very interesting. I was impressed as this was back in the 1920's when this mansion was built. Sixty rooms by the way. A gate keepers house with the garage the had its own turn table so that about twenty cars could be stored in there and a play house the is 3/4 scale to a real house that is fully operational. Furnace with thermostat, fire place refrigerator and a stove!!! I felt like a giant in there! It was a very strange feeling. I'm soooo glad we went. We plan to go again in the spring/ summer. As I here the gardens on the grounds are breath taking :)
The kids had friends spend the night and as I do not have a butler and a maid or the live in nanny :( I'm off and running to start breakfast and get them moving!!! Have a great day!!!