Monday, June 08, 2009

Quilter's Palette Homework

Here are the pictures of my fabric choices and my blocks so far for my class I'm doing on line with Annie Smith. This is a relly great idea! We get our assignment and she has video you watch to explain how to do the techniques and then you have about one week to watch them and finish your "homework" :) Annie is also doing a two hour live chat for this class once a week which enables you to ask questions and stuff. It is really fun!

Our daughter was supposed to have softball tonight but it has been cancelled due to rain. This is going to sound a little selfish but I'm kinda glad because it is my quilt group night and a lady is demonstrating how to make a shoulder bag :) If it turns out cute I'll post a pic.
Work is going well. I'm booked out three weeks already and it's not even really warm here yet. It's making it a little hard to get my class homework done as I'm so tired but I'm having fun anyway :)
We have a tiny cruise ship in our little town now :) I'm going to have to take a trip on it this summer. I think it is only a couple hours long and looks like you have to sit the whole time. Could be wrong on that.
I think the movie that was filmed here last summer is due to come out sometime this summer. It is called, Youth in Revolt. I think it is going to be rated R. It's not going to be easy telling my kids that they can't see it but they're NOT going to SEE it :)
Have to go load up the sewing machine and get ready for my meeting.
Oh! By the way, my teddy bear block took second place out of about 65 blocks and I won a $50.00 light that Velcro's on to my machine for extra needle light! Have a great quilting evening :) Off and running!