Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pictures, Pictures ,Pictures

Hmmmm, I guess one reason I don't post often is that I prefer to post with pictures. Well, it always seems like a fight. I can try to upload pics and it takes FOREVER to upload. Any tips on this would be great :0) Well, I'm sitting here recovering from carpal tunnel surgery on both of my hands a week apart. They did my right hand nine days ago and my left two days ago. It went really well and I'm doing great! Very little pain. Thought this would be a good time to get those pics from Paducah up. Well, my all time favorite quilt is New Dawn by Caryl Bryer Fallert and I was fortunate enough to meet her and get her autograph and picture with her in front of the quilt!!!!!! Which by the way is for sale for the low, low price of $34,000.00! Come on Mega Millions :0) LOL My friend Kathy (partner in crime, hehehehehe) Went with me to Paducah and she is pictured on the right. So that would make the person with the deer in the headlight look, me :( Of all the times to take a bad pic!!!!! Oh well, at least I have documentation of the event :0) Below is a picture of the New Dawn quilt. It may look familiar as a few years ago it was in a lot of the quilting magazines.

A little over a month ago, I went into the LQS to buy a flannel collection to start a quilt I have no business starting. (Sound familiar?) Anyway, I noticed that they were having a block contest. Three shops got together and decided on a fabric collection and picked a focus fabric that you had to use in your block. It had to finish 12 and 1/2 and be your own original design. For two dollars you receive a pack of tickets to vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at each shop. The three top prizes are a $200.00 quilter's basket for first, large olfa spin matt for second and a quilter's travel companion and a fat quarter bundle for third. Well, who would have known that I would have hand surgery the day after my surgical consult!!!!!! My center wasn't even completely needle turned! Well I had that night to finish my block :( So my idea of appliqued cherries and leaves went out the window. Crunch time!!!!! So here is my finished variation of my original idea. My biggest regret is that I had to fuse the leaves down:( Don't have thread to button hole around them either :0( Not to mention it was 1:00 A.M. !!!! So, they accepted it and it will be in the contest. I'm so glad as this hand surgery has me a little down and this will give me something to do. Get out of the house and Bop around some quilt shops!!! :0)

Hope you all have a wonderful day quilting!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Back from Paducah

Well, we had a great time in Paducah. I had hand surgery Tuesday so can't type too much. We met Ricky Timms and he signed the picture of my traveling stars quilt. It aired on Monday. It was neat to see it hanging on the show! Anyway, also met and got an autograph from the best in show winner, Ted Storm. What a cool lady from the Netherlands. She quilted her quilt by hand and did fourteen stitches to the inch!!!!!! She's turning down the 20,000 prize money though so the quilt can be a handed down heirloom. It was designed from a bridle hanky that started in their family in 1829!!!!! Diane gaudinski was there and she won the Gammil prize and I met her and we chatted. She is very nice. She also signed my AQS book! Had to go by Bryer Patch studio and meet Caryl Bryer Fallert. She signed my AQS book and we had our picture taken with her by her New Dawn pheonix quilt!!!!! My favorite quilt ever!!!!!!!!! Soooooo Cooooool!!!!!!! She's a really nice lady too.