Saturday, December 20, 2008

Maple Leaf Quilt

Hey! I finally have been able to get in to the sewing room to quilt :0) I have finished quilting the Leaf quilt and it is handed over to the orther person for binding. It's a group effort auction quilt for next year.

Also am over half way done quilting the Tee-Shirt quilt :) Would like to get it done tomorrow but that might be a stretch :) However we are expecting another eight inches of snow through tomorrow night, sooooooo, maybe......
Anyhow, christmas shopping is done and everything is wrapped. Hugh stress reliever let me tell ya. Still need to get the Ginger bread house done ( tomorrow).
Hope you all have a great night quilting and if I don't get back on here, Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

Monday, December 01, 2008


Wow, did we get the snow today!!!! Probably eight inches already and more tonight :0( I'm not a real big fan of snow. I'd definitely rather be quilting :0) I just had to joke yesterday about the kids being home four days due to the Thanksgiving holiday and wouldn't it be a bad joke if they had a snow day and had to stay home another day? Well, Hardy Har Har... LOL They were home again today. I actually had four out of seven dogs show up for their haircuts, too Needed the cash so that was a good thing. Shot the making Christmas cookies though. Maybe tomorrow on my day off. These are pics of some of our backyard visitors. I haven't seen this buck since deer season :( Hope he didn't get it.

These pigeons are a hoot!! Literally! I guess they are wild. They come and roost on top of the house and while i'm sewing I can hear them walking across the roof line and cooing!! It is so cool! I guess they come in to eat the corn and kitty food we throw out the back.

I'm working on a crib size wall hanging for an auction the will not now be neede until next years auction. YIPEE!!!!! Takes a little of the stress off. Now I can get the other Christmas tree done for next Monday :0) I hope to post a picture soon, atleast of it quilted. Someone else hopefully will bind it. Off and running.