Friday, November 21, 2008

Tee-Shirt Quilt

Yeah!!! I finally pieced the tee-shirt quilt. I would like to have it quilted and bound by a week from Sunday but with the holiday upcoming with company too... I don't see it happening :0( Really didn't want to mail this but if I have too, which method would you recommend is the safest??
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We have three boys spending the night so with my two kids that's five!!!! Thet are sledding with the hubby right now. Hope they are not up too late as I am working the church bazaar in the morning. Then it's off to town to see the James Bond movie with the in laws. Whooo- hooo :0( Would much rather see Twilight, since I've read all the books. Oh well. Off and running...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kidney Stone Update

YIPEE!!!!!! OMG! I was in Monday to see the urologist so they could set up surgery for my kidney stone. They did an x-ray and another CT scan just to make sure it hadn't moved and to be able to see where they needed to remove it from and IT'S GONE!!!! I am sooooooooo happy I cried tears of joy! All they could tell me was that maybe it was all the Coke a cola classic I drank. I was over dosing on it because I read on line that you can de-solve a kidney stone by drinking a LOT of cokes (like, four in one hour and don't urinate until you have drank them all and an hour has passed. Hey, whatever the case it's gone, no surgery and I'm the happiest girl around!!!! still have a few symptoms due to the swelling of my kidney do to the blockage but that should be gone in a week or two.
I almost have all the borders on the Tee-shirt quilt and have a leaf wall hanging I have to get quilted A.S.A.P. Hope to post some pictures soon. Just wanted to post the GREAT NEWS! :0) Off and running...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Hey! I have been sewing!!! I have been working on four of these Christmas trees. This one is done and for our church bazaar, another one is pieced and two more are ready to piece :0) They look really complicated but not ONE triangle was cut in the making if these wall hangings! They were made using Jodi Barrows Square in a Square system. I bought the package deal when I was in Paducha and wish I had used it sooner... I'M HOOKED :0) The coffee cup was put in the picture to give an idea of scale :0)
I go in on Monday morning and take my x-rays to her to see the status on my kidney stone. I will be really glad when this is all behind me. My hopes are that I will be able to stay up passed 9 p.m. and do some sewing :0) Keep on quilting! Off and running!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Wildlife around Here

Been away a while again :0( Sorry! I feel guilty as I'll lurk your blogs and check on you then not blog myself. The halloween dance was fun. Being a chaperone was a little different. When you're only 5 foot 3 1/2 and have to tell kids that are taller than you to settle down, it feels a little awkward! All in all it was a fun time had by all! Halloween was different as we went trick or treating about 6:00. Then dropped the kids off at a halloween party, came home changed out of costume and my hubby and I went to the last quarter of our high school football game. They won!!!! It was the first game in the play - offs and they beat the team that was their only loss in the regular season!!! We are going tonight to the second play off game. We are sooooooo lucky they are home games. Sorry, I wouldn't go otherwise :0) Fair weather fan :)
The Monday after that dance (I must have over done it a bit :( ) I ended up in the hospital for nine hours for possible appendicitis!!! They even had me ride in the ambulance (no lights or sirens) to the bigger hospital where there would be a surgeon waiting for me! After further observation and a CT scan (I highly recommend you NOT have one of these - the stuff you drink is soooooooo NASTY and causes a colonoscopy clean out!!!!! YYYYEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!) Anyway, it wasn't appendicitis! YEAH! I have a 6mm KIDNEY STONE!!!!!!! OMG Well, I'm trying really hard to dissolve this thing with a very acidic diet and lots of coke a cola! They put me on prostrate meds, of all things, to hopefully help me pass it. However, they only give me a 30% chance of doing so :0( Then it will be an x-ray to see if it has moved then some type of removal:(
On to better things. These are the cows whom have enjoyed life next door all summer and I now believe they have become veal :0( I will miss them. It would be easier if we were to get some steak out of the deal.

This is a little hog nose snake we found in the garage. Very, very young. I would love to have one but they say they need to hibernate and you have to make sure of certain temperatures and what not.

These are cedar waxwing fledglings that blew out of a bush in our front yard. We put an upside down laundry basket over them to detour cats. They did make it! Flew away a few days later :0)
I have been doing some decent sewing. Christmas presents no less. Man, it's scary how fast that is coming up!!!! Good luck getting all that done. Keep on quilting. Off and running :0)