Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh Bummer!

Well, as Murphy's law has it, when things are just going along smoothly - watch out. Well, yesterday I did a load of wash just like every other day and boy did that machine start cussing and swearing at me!!!!! Call the repair man and he said it probably wasn't worth repairing and as i was talking to him the motor just died :0( Having the whole drum full of dirty soapy water with clothed in it :0( Bless my son as he wrung out and bagged all the cloths and double bless my friend Kathy as she told me to bring my two loads to her house and she would do it for me. Such an ANGEL!!!!!! I will be taking her quilt shop hopping and to lunch on Wednesday :0) That freed up my evening to buy a washer and low and behold by power of the internet and my trust phone, I now have a brand new Maytag washer and just did my first load and it sooooooooo ROCKS! It is bigger and a lot quieter too. I will sleep so much better tonight! Might go sew a little :) Off and running!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Great Aunt's Table Linen

I did also watch The Quilt Show and A & A had a guest on who looks for old linens and quilts them and adds overlays of doilies and they are just beautiful!!!! Thought I might try it sometime on my Great Aunts. It has some love stains but that lady says that it gives them character :0)
Off and running to the store for some adding to the turkey soup!

Back Home

It's always so nice to get back home after a trip! Have plenty of time to get settled back in before quilt group tonight ( can't wait!). Had a great time spent WAY too much money ( kids cloths and shoes :0( no fabric. Did make a quick run into JoAnn's and grabbed some fusible and some thread for the christmas round robin I'm hand quilting. EFT 2010 ish! LOL! Kids just had to have some yarn for finger knitting. My son loves it! The weather was iffy but we are home safe and now I'm off to unpack. Off and running!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gone for a week

My computer is tired and sassy. So it's going to the spa for a massage :0) I expect it back in about a week. Please keep me in your prayers as the twitching will probably start as early aS TOMORROW :0) LOL

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's on my Bed????

Well. imagine that! Two posts for me in one day! So here is what is on my bed. Aquilt that I made for my Grandma who has since passed way. This is one of my first attempts at quilting and is probably more of a comforter as it is tied :0)
We don't have an actual quilt for our bed yet because I tend to give all my quilts away :0) However, I did a mystery with my quilt group that was designed by Iowa Star (?) Well the plan is to get this baby quilted on my little memory craft 4000 - see why it's not done, LOL - and get it on my bed :0) It is quite large. We have six foot ceilings and my husbands arm span is six feet and he couldn't open it all the way. Man I wish I had a long arm!
Still working on the runner! Off and running,

Auction Quilt and Place-matt

Well it's a snowy blowy day here! Wind just a whippin'! Had a great day yesterday, was kidnapped by my sewing studio and was able to start a thank you table runner a friend of mine and I are doing for some relatives of mine in Paduka, Kentucky. We are going to the show this year and they are going to let us stay with them. I;m so excited! I haven't been there in five years. We are planning on making quilted jackets to wear but we'll see, time wise :0) The hubby and kids took our four year old niece sledding, i didn't go because I had already ice skated earlier in the day and winter sports and i don't really get along. Nor do I get along with steep hills :0) I stayed home to get dinner ready and when the in-laws came to get the niece they ended up staying for dinner. O.K. I had made enough oven potatoes and my son wanted mac and cheese and I had six thin pork chops and seven people. No problem, until I opened the chops that had to be cooked in twelve minutes and they were BAD! The expiration date on it was for today! So I had to run to the store and replace them. Man, second time in six weeks In have had a meat issue with that store. The next grocery is seven miles one way! The manager was really nice about it. Replaced the chops with better thick chops for the same price and even said she'd come and ck them for me if she could leave work :0) Small towns ,eveyone knows everyone and she even goes to my church. Anyway, the chops were great and a good time had by all.
This is the auction wall hanging. It measures 33 inches by 38 inches. Thought I'd do a simple quilting pattern on it and I like how it made circles around the butterfly blocks and kind of a cathedral window design in the toad in the hole blocks.
Then this is the fist place-matt I have made for meals on wheels. The second one may not be heavily quilted or pieced. Again, it's that time issue ;0)
We may just stay tucked in here today where it's warm. Hope you get a lot of quilting done. I'm going to try before it's back off to work tomorrow:0)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Post Here or Post There

Well, I don't know where to put my words down. Can't figure out bloglines so have to jump around in bookmarks looking for all you new posts :0) I like the way the other blog site had everyone current post right there to scroll through. That was much easier for me. I finished a place-mat for meals on wheels, have to have two done by March. Finished as auction quilt wall hanging yesterday for the silent auction today. Phew! That was close! I'll see how it goes and post some pics when I have more time. Calling for another snow storm Sat. night through Sunday. Looks like Jen over in Wisconsin is going to get it first though, since she is across the lake from me.
HOpe you all have a great quilting day! Have six dogs to groom today and the the girls night out fundraiser action from 5:30 to 8:30 then my son is having someone sleep over:0) Off and running :0)