Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone,
Hope you all are having a safe and wonderful New Years eve :0) I am spending it with my parents at their house. We have been shopping till we are dropping! Eating, eating and eating!!!!!!! OMG On wonder the first of the year is diet, diet, and diet!!!! Oh well, still having a great itme! However our plans have taken a turn, my da has come down with the 24 hour flu! Ohhhhhhhh, YUCK!!!!! Man, I hope we don't catch this or it's going to be a really rough 4 and 1/2 hour ride home on Wed.! Can't wait to get to finishing some of those U.F.O.s. I lkie Jen's idea of just seeing how much we can get behind us in Jan. I'm also fired up about starting some Christmas presents for next year. Was last year too but it didn't turn out like I pictured :) HMMMMMM! Wonder why? We are supposed to get some serious snow here too. Four to eight inches, which for this area is quite a bit. My brother drives a gas tanker and has to work eleven hours tonight, during the night and the storm, doging drunk!!!! Please keep him in your prayers :0) Thanks
Keep up the great quilting and I'll try to catch up on blogs but I'm away from my favs list so I'll have to wing it.
Again, Happy New Year and have a GREAT 2008!!! :0)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hope your Christmas was Happy

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! I sure did! I received four 45 minute violin lessons (Did I mention I have taken up the violin?) some quilting gift certificates, a beautiful necklace, a beautiful hand made dish cloth. a soap sock with wonderful smelling soap in it and an I Pod Touch! Who'd of thought!?!?!? WOW! Yeah, I REALLY like it !! Anyway, still have to get down to my parents for Christmas down there and celebrate New Years with them too, YEAH!!!! Now if the weather will hold :0) Here are some of the Christmas gifts that I did up. Pretty much quick and easy is the way to go for me.

My Traveling Stars quilt finally made it home yesterday! YIPEE!!!! Annie Smith put an additional label on it for me listing all the places ti has been. As far as states go... New York, New Jersey, Colorado, California, Texas and Michigan, of course! Can't wait to get it hung up! Actually curled up under it this morning and red some of my Quilter's Home before anyone else was up. Wouldn't want my family to catch me using it as a blanket!!!! They might try to do the same!!!
Have a great evening, may you get a lot of quilting done!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Marathons are Tiring :)

Well, where do I start? First off, we are all well and healthy. Amen! Work has been busy and school has been a complete nightmare. Constantly there fighting for one kid, then the other starts to have problems with his teacher! Just too much stress. So to cope I have been trying to sew. Need to post a pic of daughter's quilt - Still! Still need to make a pillow and finish a table runner. Haven't wrapped a thing yet either. Never have I been this procrastinating before Christmas. Think it's a depressed kinda thing. It to shall pass.
My Traveling Stars quilt that will be on the Quilt Show next year also went to Houston and to Bernina Headquarters. I bet it had a lot of fun :0) So, just because I had nothing else to do with ten bucks, I entered it on the AQS on line quilt show along with another quilt that I had made. All this started because a friend of mine made a really beautiful table center and she wanted to enter it. So we did. Another fire starter for this is the fact that she and I will be going to the Paduka AQS Show in the spring! Yipee!! I can't wait! Here are a couple of pictures of my kids dressed up for Halloween. We ended up making my son's because, even on line we couldn't find a Sir Aaron costume. It's a pokeman character.
I have been so busy that I haven't even been lurking. I will try to do better :0)

Have a very safe a and wonderful Christmas! May you get all that you wish for :0) !!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Whoa!!!!! I can't believe In haven't posted in three months!!! Think about it a lot but honestly haven't even been lurking :0( Life has been quite the marathon :0) Thanks Kristie for the comment. I miss you guys too. I'll have to get some pics on here and up date you all. Have to get kids to school and dogs ready for Christmas!! :)