Saturday, December 30, 2006

Have a Happy New Year :)

Wow, looking back I see that I haven't posted for quite sometime. OPPS! Well, all is well and Christmas was wonderful. Still trying to get my first pair of socks done. At my pace, maybe that should be my New Years Resolution. Did finish my quilt block for my round robin I will be starting January ninth. It will be fun. It will also be a push for me as I will only have a month to work on a border on someone elses block. I won't even see my block for seven months! Then they will all be done and everyone will get their own block back with all the borders on it. Pretty exciting! Can't wait:)
Have a birthday dinner for the MIL tonight to attend at Red Lobster. YUM! May try to knit on my sock on the way there. Have already tinked back about for rows once on the heel flap, what's one more time, if need be right??? A friend commented that I need to let go of my perfectionism. If that's true, then why is her stuff so much better then mine??:)
I have also had a serious itch to finnish alot of my quilting projects. Only have about 20 or so.
Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year and all your knitting projects go smoothly.
Off and racing.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


OH MY GOSH. I left that post last Saturday and during dinner one of my bestest friends of six years,up and died :( My computer!!!!! What a complete bummer to go at this tme of year when money is , you know, soooooo abundant - NOT! Well, the pain is not so bad now as I sit here and post on m new laptop. It is REALLY COOL. Highly recommend it if your in the market for a puter. As for my old friend. The hard drive is o.k. and will be installed into this one soon. The computer it's self may be fixable for a small amount and then the kids can play on that one. They make me nervous when they use this one.
My poor sock. It has been getting like NO attention. With all the doggies that need beautifying this week I don't see much knitting time in my future.
Christmas stuff almost done except for those few annoying little extras to get to. The the company will arrive friday. It will be a most wonderful Christmas too, as this will be our first one in our new house. My eight year old DS is soooooo excited and is the best decorator, he has earned the nickname, "Mister Christmas".
Don't know how much posting I will get done this wild week. But it sure is good to get back. Alot of my favorite blogs to catch up on. So if I don't make it back before the holidays settle down I hope you all have a most enjoyable time. I will be racing through the holidays as usual :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Week in Review

Wow, it's been a busy week. I find this always seem to happen in December. Let's start with last Saturday. I was scheduled for a hair apt. and my daughter said she wanted a haircut. So I called and they said they could fit her in while they do my hair.This is her before she went pictured here with her brother visiting with Santa.

Now this is after the long awaited haircut.

You really have to give her credit as she donated about eleven inches of her hair to Locks for Love. This is the second time she has done this in her ten years of life. She has such a big HEART:) (purple puddles) Makes me soooo proud.
Had I mentiond that my camera was on the fritz? Well it would open but not shut until the battery died. So taking pictures was not very fun unless it was an emergency. So a new camera is out of the question until after Christmas because the credit card is still melted and warpped for the last shopping adventure. So I was examining it and decided it can't get too much worse so I figured out I could shut it if I stuck the toothpick in there and poked around a bit. The camrea didn't seem real fond of this idea but it subcummed and we took some pictures. So this morning I decided to take some more pictures and upon opening it, it decided to puke up a little piece of plastic. Something that resembled a piece of a gear. Probably goes with the other half that it puked up over Thanksgiving. Anyway, it is working fine now. Have to love that higher power. We will have Christmas pictures after all :)
So I did finish that Halloween wall hanging. Here's a picture.

Also, I was to host our little quilt group here last Tuesday and one of the ladies mentioned doing a sunflower quilt. Well I have a pattern I have been wanting to due, atleast one block of it. So needless to say it lit a fire under me and most of last weekend I jammed on it and actually made two :)

Now the problem of which border to choose, how to quilt it, get a rod pocket on it, get it bound and wrapped for my other quilt group that is having it's Christmas party Monday night!!!!!! Also ended up getting some doughnut holes, cider, setting up and getting ready and thank you northern michigan for SNOWING!!!!! :( Then only one lady showed. We had a nice chat and discussed quilting patterns for a quilt she's on a deadline with. All in all it was fun. Hmmmmmm, and here I sit.
Well, if you've been keeping up, you know that's not enough for a marathon. So I also said I would help with coffee fellowship tomorrow at church. Still have to get fruit and dip. The kids and I decided to bake cookies the last two nights. We made homemade chocolate chip cookies, chrismas cookies (some still need frosting)- and yes there are two pumpkin cookies and one Jack Skelington cookie as he is my daughter's favorite hero right now, spumoni cookies and church windows.

The only little problem I had was in turning off my double oven. Forgot to take the chocolate chip cookies out of the bottom oven. OOPS. They're still edible but very crunchy. My husband calls them dunkers for his milk. He's so wonderful.
Well a little blurb about my job during the holiday season. Scince I only see my clients about every six weeks the
Christmas gifts have been starting to come in. Yesterday was a little unusual, but I happen to like that. Started out with extra cash - it's the best, then some sinfully delicious chocolate truffled from Seattle WA. OH, SO YUMMY. Toffe, blackberry, expresso, and mint. Also a set of Sebastian Professional Laminates Dazzling Shine shampoo and cream rinse. (for me, not the dogs:) Then, if you can believe it, a whole spiral sliced HONEY HAM!!!!!!! Wow, is our family going to LOVE that!!!! I love my job. Have to jump out of my P.J.'s now and begin the race. Want to make walnut and or pecan balls today and maybe wreaths too. I sooo put too much on myself sometimes but it keeps life interesting. Have a great weekend. Off and racing:)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Feeling better:)

Thanks for the comments about snoopy. We're starting to get back to an even keel. Time seems to heal even the worst of things. Having a wonderful family and two healthy chillins helps:)
Haven't been knitting lately due to a little error that needs to see the Sock Doc, hopefully tomorrow.
Have been quilting in the studio quite a bit though. LD asked to quilt this weekend so I set her up next to my machine and she made a nine patch scrappy table center piece. Maybe one more border to sew on and then she can get her feet wet machine quilting:) Ohhhhh how exciting!!! I will be starting a round robin project in January with a small group of friends. The idea is that you make a center block and then each of the other people will put a different border on it. If there are six people your quilt will have five borders on your center and you get to keep and quilt it. A few years back I was lucky enough to do three round robins with our local quilt shop. Two of them were with Norway and one with Switzerland. Very cool to experiance quilting from over seas. We also sent journals and they wrote in ours and us in their's. The best part was that the shop had a book pulished called Friendships in Bloom and I'm in it with three borders that I did. VERY COOL! That brings me to what I was going to say in the first place. I have been working on a mariner's compass block that I tought I would use for my center and whoops, it is 14 inches instead of 12. BUMMER. Now I either have to make another one or change to a differnet block. I have started two sunflower blocks, may use one of those.
I will have to post some pics soon if the camera will decide to work. It's partially broke and now seems to have a mind of it's own:( Need a new one anyway but just can't afford it with the down hill slide to Christmas bearing down. This is a pic of a house block I worked on for a quilt that our quilt group did for our church bazaar. It was a fun block to do.

Keep up the great work blogging. I'm guilty of reading them and not blogging myself- shame on me. I will try to do better. Off and racing:)