Monday, February 26, 2007

Started a Scarf

Well, I sure have been busy and I feel I have all of you to blame. This however, is a good thing. Reading your posts and all the ideas foe finishing ufos and a christmas pesent a month has had me in my sewing studio quite a bit:) Thank you, thank you, thank you. So in January I finished the thank you clef and note wall hanging for a computer friend, two pot holders (could be Christmas presents) and 12" block I'm donating for a breast cancer quilt. Haven't yet taken a picture on the note quilt but will post a pic when I do.
February I have finished a table center that I will exchange for someone elses in March. Also have been working on the round robins and have made the triangle border on it and will exchange it for another tomorrow. Just as soon as I put an applique ufo on the design wall, my DS comes in and starts going through my oriental fbric stash. Soooooooo, you guessed it, down came the applique quilt blocks and we started cutting up that oriental fabric. It currently lies on the floor ready to pin and the quilt patterns are ready to go. Little sweet heart thought it would be done this morning. Hardee Har HAR. I WISH I was that good.
Have also been listening to quilting podcast and have jioned a group over there and might have joined a block exchange group. CRAZY huh. That or REALLY, REALLY dumb. But hey, it really sounds like fun. Anyway, with all thios going on I don't know how often I will be posting as my knitting as REALLY dropped off, atleast until I found that basket of scarf yarn on sale. So I did start a scarf and have another one I want to start. Getting the shakes now. I really need to sit down and start a new ufo list but think sitting through three scary horror flicks would be more enjoyable. Saw Ghost Rider the other night and boy, was that a good flick. NOT kid material though. I think it would be way too scary.
Oh, by the way did you know I love dogs and chickens??? :0)
Off and racing.